The Parts that Make Us Whole

Connor Koppin

The Parts that Make Us Whole: 2 Songs for TB Choir

Commissioning Consortium for TB Choirs

I. The Quiet of My Mind

II. In Absentia

About the Work:
Composer Connor Koppin announces a new commissioning opportunity for TB choirs. His work, “The Parts that Make Us Whole” contains two separate movements entitled, “The Quiet of My Mind,” and “In Absentia,” for TB choirs, piano, and alto saxophone. These two pieces are settings of poetry by Connor about finding refuge and belonging within modern culture. These pieces are designed to be sung by high school TB choirs, as well as entry-level collegiate ensembles.

Sign Up Deadline: December 1st
Delivery: February 1st
Fee: $500

From the Composer:
“The idea for this music came from struggles of my own in the past few years. I’ve struggled with feeling as though I did not belong in certain places and social groups, both on social media and in life. The poetry speaks to the many moments in which I felt lost, or like I was disappearing from the world. In truth, these are texts that I wished my former self could have heard as a high school/college-aged student, and one that I believe will resonate with young people. I hope that you find these texts compelling and consider joining the commission consortium for this coming Spring!”